Discover the secret to using the software that helps nail salons to have many customers making appointments

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We run a nail salon on the same street and use business support software, but one shop is busy with visitors and the other does not have a person to make a schedule. Make many owners wonder where the reason is? Then leave a little bit of work so we can help the shop owner answer the above question in the next article!

  1. First trick – Understand nail salon software has many customers who book appointments

      Software send messages to notify customers of nail salon appointments
      The Software That Helps Nail Salon Has More Customers To Book Online Schedules
    • Avoid losing customers thanks to the software without intermediaries
    • Normally, the scheduling software on the market today is mostly through intermediaries. Is a system consisting of many chain stores with the same business field, for example amazon, shoppe, lazada, … when customers visit, they will see many establishments at the same time, so the competition is also will cause more severe.

      Therefore, if a separate management software is available when customers choose to visit your store’s website, they will only be able to see the services you provide and cannot see the services at another facility.

    • Excellent ability to set up appointments:
    • Helping facilities both easily create appointments with guests and manage appointment history to save costs and manpower for this matter. In addition, thanks to the 24/7 online appointment booking function, customers can easily choose the right date and time and book the schedule directly, without needing to confirm as before, creating favorable conditions for customers in time modern like today.

    • Message to inform customers about appointment:
    • Because of supporting online scheduling, the software not only helps salons save time and costs for the traditional single-stop telephone service but also has the function of sending messages automatically informing the date and time of appointment. guest. Up to 70% reduction in missed or canceled appointments.

    The second secret – applying the popularity of social media to store marketing and advertising:

      Attracting customers for nail salon from social networks
      The Software That Helps Nail Salon Has More Customers To Book Online Schedules
    • Attract new customers with social store recommendations:
    • The software also allows displaying on facebook, twitter, website, … the reviews, positive customer reviews after using the service at your facility. This helps to create a reputation for the store’s brand and attract new potential customers.

    • Offer promotions and promotions:
    • When using the nail salon management software, take advantage of the feature to install attractive gift programs, vouchers, combos, …, thereby increasing awareness and more people making appointments for the shop.

    The third secret – making the most of the customer care function of the software helps nail salon with many people to schedule:

      Nail salon customer care software via SMS
      The Software That Helps Nail Salon Has Many Customers Making Appointments
    • Enhancing customer care via SMS:
    • Regularly open customer care events during special festivals such as loyalty programs, customer incentives, and gratitude. Create and send text messages via email, SMS with advertising content, thanks, promotional information, …

    • Remember information and characteristics about customers:
    • This feature helps facilities to store and check all data about their customers such as name, age, phone number, type of service used, number of times used, …

    Hopefully, this article will help you find solutions to improve business operations, as well as know-how to use the right software to help your nail salon, have more scheduled customers . again. Or if you still have any questions, please contact the hotline number… for further assistance.

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