Nail salon mobile and tablet management solutions

All great features, right in your hand

CEONAIL has all the most powerful tools to support comprehensive store management and rapid sustainable sales growth. Most especially by the system to manage employees, manage your customers and your warehouse from any device, anywhere, any time.

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Operate and open an online Nail shop 24/7 automatically. Flexible customization solves problems and maximizes the opportunity to attract customers with maximum time optimization management tools.

CEONAIL management works on smartphones and tablets, all Windows operating systems, ios and android. Internet connection and any web browser, such as Chrome or Safari, Coc Coc, Firefox, so you can log into the application from any device, anywhere and see the exact performance. store.

Create and edit appointments - change times or switch appointments between employees.

Store all your customer information, consultation forms, history and notes in a safe place on cloud technology and all access must be through the CEONAIL app.

Bring your customers a sense of professional service attitude after each service visit. Support management of customer segment types and help shop staff better understand customers such as preferences, colors, ..

Secure always clear image galleries securely stored in the cloud.
Easily search and share images directly to social media channels such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter

Did the customer decide to buy nail polish when they created an account and booked a schedule?
Store managers can use CEONAIL to change their appointments. Customers can pay for the service quickly and print the bill immediately at the front desk.

Is the front desk too busy? No need for customers to wait - check and process their payments right from the chair using software on your tablet or phone.

A POS machine in your pocket.

Don't keep customers waiting at the desk.