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Trends in technology develop, nail salon advertising activities compete with each other to capture customer market share among nail brands gradually becoming more popular. The pressure between the opponents was increasing. Many businesses realize the problem, they follow the marketing activities, by implementing many different advertising campaigns. However, it is worth mentioning that not everyone can do it and deliver the expected effect because of the lack of a smooth combination between technology and advertising activities. So what factors can help nail salons stand, attract and retain customers before these changes. It is very important to find the right tools and software to apply to advertising work, to help bring effective brand name, invite you to explore the article below to have a deeper understanding of this activity.

  1. What are the benefits of brand advertising?

    Nail salon brand advertising activities help connect and maintain service brand value for customers. A large and developed brand will make an indelible mark on customers’ hearts. Brand advertising activities should be focused on the early stages of building a reputable nail brand. Since branding is a long-term activity, it needs a building process. Some of the values ​​that branding brings:

    Increase revenue for nail salon owners:
    Because, at the present time, customers often have the need to find information online. If your nail salon does a good job of advertising, the client will know about your business and what your service strengths are.

    In the past, traditional advertising was only shown by forms such as banner signs, or word of mouth from people who have experienced the service before. Such advertising is very passive, the customer only when passing by your store will they notice, of course, the customer passing by your store will not be as much as they surf the web every day. So taking advantage of the advantages of technology with the power of advertising effectively, you will improve and exploit revenue thoroughly.

      + Receive trust and loyalty from customers for your brand:
    Something very easy to understand for the customer. When they use a service or product on your side, the customer believes in your brand and when the brand is known in the nail industry, the customer will feel more confident in their heart. Trust in using their services in the right place, the more people mention your brand, the more trustworthy index of each customer is in the heart.
       + Positioning brand value in the nail industry:
    As mentioned above, the brand positioning in the nail market will impact customer psychology. People often shop by the masses, when brand advertising becomes effective, it will attract many people to be interested and followed. Thereby creating a decoy effect, increasing curiosity for customers in need. The more brand marketing activities, the careful investment in each image content, bringing value to customers, will create a premise for solid advertising activities in the future, helping you to position the brand on Other competitors.

  2. What are advertising communication activities at CEONAIL management software?

    Advertising communication is built long-term and optimized through each specific campaign. For the most general view of conversion metrics, media advertising activities should be designed on a management platform system. That is also the reason why CEONAIL software was born. At CEONAIL ad management software, nail salon owners actively plan to implement marketing, marketing to customers on incentive programs, and actively consider all indicators of advertising activities. brand statement returned. The above indicators include:
    Content of the plan – Implementation time and finishing time – Number of customers using the service – Customer information.

  3. Brand advertising activities that nail salon owners can do with CEONAIL software:

    Brand advertising has many phases and activities. From the realization stage to the branding and maintenance phase, each activity carries a unique mission of value, as long as each nail salon owner understands the exact message as well as each specific goal. New marketing activities are effective. Some of the branding programs that nail salons often apply to their customers:
       + Advertising promotion program:
    Advertising promotion programs to bring attraction to increase the attractiveness of business activities, which increases the demand of customers to stimulate consumption.

    There are many cases where someone has a long-standing need to experience your service, but for some reason, the customer has yet to come to you. So the incentive program for customers is the lever that encourages them to experience your service, by factors of opportunity, time and savings.
       + Advertising loyalty customers:
    Is advertising activity closely related to customer care. More than 90% of customers will come back if you take care properly. This helps your nail salon save 80% on the cost of finding new customers. Loyalty care activities are often associated with special incentives such as deep discounts, gift cards with enhanced service experience, freedom to choose appointments or proactively schedule appointments with people. workers I like. This activity creates long-term brand value in the heart of customers, helps customers feel like they are the most profitable and right when choosing your nail salon to experience the service. A very important point in the advertising loyalty brings. Your loyal customer represents your brand, is a testament to the real-world experience and customers will be more than happy to tell their friends and family about your nail salon services.
    At CEONAIL ad management software, nail salon owners can store customer information and perform mass advertising activities to target customers.

  4. The means of effectively conveying advertising messages:

    A good media promotion strategy depends on a lot of factors. In which the media plays an extremely important part, directly influencing the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Because when you have the correct means of communication, you will reach the right audience of potential customers, saving your marketing investment costs. Increase conversion rates high and quickly catch up with competitors. Advertising is the lever to stimulate consumer demand. When the leverage is placed in the right place, it will maximize its performance and efficiency. Some commonly used forms and means of advertising:
       + Social media advertising – SMS – Email marketing:
    Currently the most used advertising platforms are social networking sites, this is called the explosion in the information technology industry, when the big guys like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, … are doing The online advertising market is raining.

    Saying so does not mean that you ignore other traditional channels such as SMS, email, newspapers, or television. Because according to experts, SMS and Email activities are still the tools to combat the highest conversion rates. Only when you know exactly which tools are effective will you make use of and optimize the resources for that media budget.

       + Video ads:
    Video advertising is the best form of conveying the message with full meaningful content of the product represented by vivid images and combined with content that will easily make customers more eye-catching.

       + Image ads:
    Parallel to video advertising in parallel is the advertising with the image. The image is often shown through basic posts such as news blogs or sales and promotions. While it doesn’t have a strong impact on engagement conversions, image ads will keep your service from being boring and not monotonous.

       + Content advertising:
    Content is an indispensable part of any form of advertising. The content is divided into many categories, but the main content is the message and the message must reflect the value of the nail salon and that value must act properly with the desire to fill the needs of the customer.

Facing the competition of many competitors, nail salon owners need to actively change to grow and bring more customers. In which, the marketing element is an indispensable part of any communication activity. For to make it easier and more attractive to advertise a nail salon brand , nail salon owners need to equip themselves with nail salon adware , help save time and effort at work. Nail salon owners or managers do not need too high qualifications or expertise in the field because CEONAIL software helps you automate all processes. CEONAIL adware makes advertising quickly, proactively and reaching the right target audience. Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible so that we can accompany you to implement sales boom campaigns in the future.

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