Nail management software solves all the problems that you are having

In modern era 4.0 everything is technologized to reduce the workload for humans. Nail salon management software was also born since then to help the beauty industry or specifically in the nail care sector improve the store operation management process to become more convenient and quicker than ever. So what is nail salon management software? And does it really work or not? All will be revealed through the following article, please take a moment to consult with us!

  1. 4 outstanding difficulties every salon owner faces when not using nail salon management software

      • Sewing customer care

    The beauty demand of everyone is increasing day by day. If establishments still apply traditional operating methods, they will surely encounter many difficulties in managing and storing large volumes of customer information. In the unfortunate case of losing information to displease customers, the establishment will receive bad feedback, affecting the business.

      • Statistics of commission discounts for employees

    Contrary to other service industries, the bonus is an indispensable factor in the nail salon profession. Requires shop owners to carefully review the number of customers that each employee has served to pay the correct salary. Therefore, if you have to statistic and calculate manually, it will take a lot of time and sometimes errors occur.

    Professional Nail Salon Management Software
    Professional Nail Salon Management Software
      • Shortcomings in manicuring appointment management

    The appointment is to shorten the waiting time as well as classify customers according to each type of course and service that customers choose. If still applying traditional methods, it will be difficult to manage and take care of when the number of customers is too large.

      • Manicuring a nail salon has many difficulties

    With the traditional operation, if you want to open more branches, you will face quite a lot of inadequacies in controlling goods, distributing raw materials, … for each facility because it is difficult to synthesize information at the same time.

  2. Application of nail salon management software in business activities bring benefits to users

    Cheap Nail Salon Management Software
    Cheap Nail Salon Management Software
      • Nail salon management software – minimalistic, flexible, and easy to use interface

    The interface is arranged very simply to help customers, even new customers can easily use it. The software is supported on computers, phones, laptops, … extremely convenient for remote management.

      • Help manage chains of nail salon children

    The software works in the form of a hierarchical tree to help support multi-source data sources, diverse currencies, and languages. In addition, it is also optimal in aggregating information and reporting back and forth between branches.

  3. Nail salon management software helps improve customer care efficiency

    There are automatic modes to notify appointments; thank you after customers experience the service; Note historical customer service information used. Opening marketing events, customer care via email, SMS, … as well as loyalty programs, customer incentives, and gratitude.

  4. Nail salon management software contributes to attracting new customers

    Automated marketing programs via email, SMS, … with attractive gifts, vouchers, combos, .. will attract new customers to the shop.

Hopefully, through this article, you will have more reference materials to improve your business operations. If you still have any unknown information about nail salon management software, you can contact CEONAIL for further advice.

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