Find out how CEONAIL software helps nail salon to advertise

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How to increase interaction and attract customers to nails salon? – Is the problem that many managers encounter in the nail service business. One of the effective solutions that are applied a lot today is that through the software that will help the nail salon advertise as well as many other utilities.

  1. How does the software help nail salon advertise?

    When trading in the nail business, each unit will own, plan for themselves strategies to stimulate the needs of special customers on special days and holidays. Therefore, the application of management software will help nail salons to advertise the brand name more, thereby better revenue sources as well as helping customers love the nail salon. than.

    The software will provide users with automated tools to help your nail salon access new ways of doing business, as well as search tools online. Therefore, it will create resonance and reputation of the brand and keep the relationship and contact with customers.

    Software to help nail salon promote brand
    Software To Help Nail Salon Promote Brand

    What is in the management software that can help an ad nail salon?

    • Set up online advertising programs
    • The management software of advertising programs will help users promote their brand in a very simple, fast, and convenient way than before. This program is actually the nail salon marketing campaign via email, the program will automatically update and provide advertising information directly to customers. Contribute to promoting sales as well as branding.

    • The software can work right on a smartphone
    • The nail salon adware works well on mobile
      Software To Help Nail Salon Most Effectively Advertise

      Nail salon management software can still be installed and run right on a smartphone, thereby allowing customers to download directly through the application store. Users will get immediate access to special information such as nail salon ads during holidays, …

    • Customer care
    • Customer information data is extremely important for every nail salon, so it is important to take advantage of it now. When doing this step well, it will confirm the professionalism and brand name to customers through a number of features such as:
      – Create Voucher, Vip, … cards for patrons from there, the form of “oral” advertising will be promoted right now
      – Send SMS, email about new service packages, products, happy birthday, …
      – Announcing preferential promotions, customer gratitude, …
      – Remind customers about the deadline to sign up for a special discount, promotion, and gratitude service packages for the week/month, …
      When doing well in this step of customer care, the nail salon’s brand value is obviously getting better and better.

    • Reviews and ratings
    • In the process of using the nail salon management software, users can find out and evaluate what their customers really want ?, what do they think ?. And since then resolve all complaints and feedback in this feature. Not only that, but the software also provides the ability to share positive comments on social networking sites, websites, as well as in the profile data display.

    Receiving feedback from customers is both an effective advertising method, which can be seen with only one software but allows users to have one and many other benefits, not just for helping with nail salon advertising. So, using nail salon management software is one of the best ways to grow your business!

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