The solution to eliminating all the difficulties of nail salon scheduling now

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Scheduling is an integral part of all beauty services. Especially for the nail salon business. Nail salon scheduling is an important bridge between the client and the nail salon.
The client and the nail salon will know their role and duties well before experiencing a service. In a time of technology development, scheduling is upgraded with outstanding features to help improve efficiency in managing work assignments, helping to increase revenue for nail salon owners. So what is the special feature above, invite you to learn through the article below.

  1. Book a nail salon’s calendar in a traditional form

    Before the technology was not developed, a customer wanted to go to a nail salon to use the service, they often performed the job of going straight to the store to use that service, this form was called. is “walk – in”. Here the client doesn’t need to book an appointment, they just come and experience it. However, in the long run, such things become outdated and problems arise, especially when your store moves to a new and larger scale, many shop owners find it difficult. When it comes to scheduling problems, for a service without appointments, customers coming too much at the same time, or the uneven time arrangement leads to duplicate scheduling, queue congestion occurs. hourly, lack of staff, they have to work twice as many and lead to poor quality in the shops. So this “Walk-in” is only suitable for a small shop with less than 3 workers. The situation for someone who wants more bookings to grow their business is debatable and needs an immediate solution.

    To overcome the above, nail salon owners have come up with a way to book a schedule in advance, this is a way to manage work schedules more effectively. They prepare their nail salon for a phone and notebook, with a record entry on the computer. This requires you to arrange an employee here to receive calls or appointment information from customers. When customers need, they just need to call the hotline given in advance or text the shop owner to inform the service they need. Your staff will do so in notebooks or computer files. This requires you to have a system of consultants, who are on the hotline and website to receive schedules. Then at a certain point, the number of calls to schedule appointments is so much that your staff cannot answer the phone all, forcing you to increase the number of employees if you do not want to reduce the quality of customer service. The larger number of employees over a period of time will create additional control and management issues for employees. Not to mention the system of the recording after a long time before, the customer data is large and they are difficult to search quickly, sometimes the wrong appointment information leads to incorrect service or lack of workers.

  2. Poor Nail salon scheduling management can cause the following problems:

    1/ Poor operating process
    Yes, traditional scheduling has caused many extremely complicated consequences, because it is the input of other jobs. In the first place, if you do not have strict control over scheduling management, it will be difficult to know how weak your system is. This weakness will lead to difficulties for the following processes, which will be difficult for the nail salon owner to manage.

    2/ Revenue dropped significantly:
    Now, customers are considered as gods, customers’ requirements are always set at the speedy and standard level. In case you make customers feel unsafe and comfortable using your service, this means you have not brought a good service experience to customers. They will hardly be able to come to your service many times

    This will reduce your revenue in the future. You try to put yourself in the position of a customer, you will be annoyed when you order a nail salon, but when you go to the salon, the staff will work for you in the nail salon or even the staff do not know who you are. For potential clients, it will be difficult to reach when you are not satisfied with your client in the first place because there are countless nail salons out there trying to rob customers competing with you every day for hours. . So even the closest customer can easily become a potential customer for your competitors.

    3/ Employees quit their jobs and lost their main workers:
    Business declined, the number of jobs decreased, employees were underemployed. In another case in some nail salons, nail salon owners make an uneven distribution of customers per employee. Such problems are easy to bore your employees with the way you operate, Family factors, money spent each month will motivate them to leave you to go to nail stores. that can help them deal with that. Quitting a job will make a new manager embarrassing, especially highly skilled craftsmen.

    So what changes do we need to have more effective scheduling and appointment management?
    Utilize the power of technology. Currently, under the influence of industrialization and modernization, information and data technology develops. Many nail salons have equipped their salons with useful management software, reducing the hassle of operating processes, maximizing business efficiency. Especially the feature of scheduling appointments, distributing work to employees.

    Online nail salon scheduling software helps nail salon owners in many ways. But the previous difficulties have been resolved quickly. The control of customers becomes easier, and the risks of service perfection are reduced significantly. Now employees in stores are also comfortable working without being affected by other factors.

    At CEONAIL, this is the nail salon management software that many nail salon owners appreciate during the experience and trial process. The software has an integrated scheduling function on the system. Customers make an easy appointment with just a few simple steps. Customers will see the service they want and the description for that service, then simply click on the service selection, time, and payment. Immediately, the system will record all information of a customer. As for the owner or the manager. You will receive notification of the service, proactively grasp all customer information, in case this service has the same date and time, you can fully arrange, assign staff or consult. with customers about the most convenient date and time for both parties. According to the comments from the employees, they feel really comfortable and not worry anymore, because now thanks to this scheduling system, they can do the services they love, right hand. occupations and professional qualifications, ensuring income for themselves

Nail salon’s scheduling is considered an initial stage in the service experience. When customers have trust and are satisfied with the way you serve, customers will be ready to share this wonderful thing with their relatives and friends. Contribute to rapid revenue growth and limit marketing costs to find new customers. Equip your nail salon with professional CEONAIL schedule management software right now, improve service quality, increase revenue, develop effective nail salons.

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