3 reasons salon owners should own nail salon scheduling software

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5/5 - (1 vote)

Nail salon scheduling software or more commonly known as the nail salon management software. This software is gradually gaining a position in the beauty service segment. Thanks to the application of modern technology in the nail salon business, has helped shop owners handle many things easily and quickly.

The following article will share with you shop owners a few reasons to use scheduling software for nails salon . Join us to see if these benefits are enough to convince the owner of the shop!

  1. 3 reasons so nail salon owners should use Nail salon scheduling software right away

    • The first reason – separate official software without intermediaries
    • Normally, the scheduling software on the market today is mostly through intermediaries. Is it a system consisting of many chains of stores with the same business field? For example, sites like Amazon, eBay, Yelp … when shoppers visit, will see many sales addresses at the same time, so the competition will also be fiercer.

      Nail salon software is separate owner without intermediaries
      Professional Nail Salon Appointment Software

      Therefore, if customers have their own management software when customers choose to access the store’s website, they can only see the services they offer and cannot see the services at the facility other.

    • The second reason – limiting the missed calls from customers
    • Thanks to the appointment scheduling function of nail salon management software, customers can easily choose available dates and times and directly book a 24/7 online schedule, without needing to confirm as before. Some features such as booking, calendar view, cancel the schedule, price notification, … are all supported by 100% Online. Thereby helping the facilities save costs and manpower for this issue.

      Limit missed calls to schedule customer appointments
      Nail Salon Software For The Owner Separately
    • The third reason – SMS notifications of automatic appointments to customers
    • Because of supporting online scheduling, the software not only helps shopkeepers save time and costs for the traditional way of handling the phone and closing the menu, but also has the function to send messages automatically notify the date and time. appointment with guests. This will reduce forgetting or canceling appointments by up to 70%.

    What preferential services will nail salon owners receive when choosing to use nail salon scheduling software?

    Nail salon software has a free technical warranty to run ads, 30 days trial, and install quickly
    Super Preferential Nail Salon Booking Software

    When choosing to use this software for their salon, nail salon owners not only reap the benefits of business management but are also provided with a number of preferential services is very attractive as follows:

      • Commitment to support, technical warranty during the period of using the software.
      • Free to run demo ads to increase awareness for the store.
      • Always give nail salon owners a free 30-day trial version of the software.
      • Criteria quickly and quickly in installation (within 15 minutes can be used).

    Hopefully, through this article will help the salon owners get more information about how to schedule an appointment in nail salon management software and thereby make the business of the nail salon more convenient. If the salon owners still have any questions that are not clear or need to find a suitable nail salon scheduling software, please contact CEONAIL for further advice.

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