Your nail salon needs management? Ceonail is the software that manages your nail salon

With a smartphone in hand, you can now manage your whole home, whether it’s thousands of miles away: Opening and closing doors, checking whether appliances are working or switched off, setting the time for devices … This is no longer just in fiction.

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software management

Through technology, machines, labor productivity is increased, production costs are greatly reduced. When applying technology for business, management, costs are also much less expensive than hiring people, but the quality of work is accurate, less error-free, saves time … And above all , the shop owner will not have “headache” if unfortunately encountered an executor with many “troubles” …

There are many nail salon owners who manage only a small shop, with ten chairs, several workers, but every day there are incidents that cause inconvenience and fatigue … In contrast, there are people who have dozens of hands. nail salons, but every salon works well, high profits … And their secret is the nail salon management software.

One of the most useful nail salon management tools is Ceonail developed by Ceonail. This tool helps the owner extremely gently in managing employees and customers. Ceonail can connect July 22 with nail salon customers, make an appointment, visit, celebrate a birthday … Ceonail is an indispensable trend for your life, your business to integrate into the current flow. : Managing nail salons, increasing nail salons, without spending a lot of money, minimizing all mistakes, as well as being extremely “lightheaded” in the relationship between the salon owner and the executive .

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