CEONAIL professional nail salon management software

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5/5 - (1 vote)

CEONAIL software is evaluated as a professional nail salon management software, the software operates on the Big Data data technology platform. All the management and administration process of nail salon owners or managers is now easier than ever. All operating functions are designed for all types of users flexibly and conveniently. CEONAIL integrates all the features on the same system. With just a few clicks, you can completely know the business situation of the day and month. So what features in the nail salon management software CEONAIL, invite you to read through the article below.

In business operations, solid management and management create the premise for long-term growth, and to do this more effectively, nail salon owners need to equip with support tools. Especially indispensable nail salon management software, management system with professional features such as employee management feature, schedule management feature, customer information system, effective communication advertising channel. At CEONAIL has all the above features, nail salon owners or nail salon managers can exercise strict management control anytime, anywhere, improving the efficiency of their nail salon. Take a look at some outstanding features of the software:

+ Manage nail salon staff – Manage salary
Key personnel is the people who can represent your salon and speak up about service quality. They are highly skilled craftsmen, an elite core force. In other words and more simply, the craftsmen take on a huge significance in the store’s revenue performance. Therefore, taking care of employees and encouraging them to improve personnel performance is essential and remarkable. According to the old management style in the past, many employers easily put their employees into difficult situations. Unstable source of customers, uneven distribution of jobs, lack of encouragement, and a loss of internal solidarity that leads to a large number of your employees moving to another location for a new store. . However, the above problem is not too difficult to handle, you can completely control and divide the work properly with CEONAIL human resource management software. The software helps you to store all employee records with full personal information. You can rely on the above metrics to implement incentive or rewarding tactics for employees with good sales during the month.

Another smart feature, right in the employee information section, you will see the employee’s working days, which will help you reduce the workload in calculating HR at the end of the month
Especially for large nail salons or chains of many nail salon brands need this software. Automated employee payroll management saves more than 50% time searching, retrieving, and calculating the results.

+ Customer Information Management
Customer information management includes the management of the following data: customer information – Usage history – Transaction information.
Thanks to the above information that the nail salon manager or owner will easily implement the customer care plan. Implement a reasonable communication plan, encourage customers to come back after experiencing the service for the first time. According to statistics, effective customer care and returning customers help business owners save 25% of initial investment costs.

Especially if you want to grow your nail salon at tremendous growth then you need to focus more on customer needs. More customers mean bigger customer data. If you do not use a customer information management system in the first place, in the near future you will completely fall into the trouble of losing constant customer records. CEONAIL software encapsulates dozens or even hundreds of notebooks. Information extraction will be done quickly.

+ Gift card management
Gift cards are considered a coupon for customers. In that, its role is the rope to help connect and strengthen the strong bond between customers and nail shops in shopping activities. “In the CEONAIL system, nail salon owners can be proactive in implementing plans for promotions, starting and ending time of the program, calculating and offering promotions suitable for each group of customers. row. rewrite this sentence.
In particular, the coordination of promotions for specific groups of customers will be carried out quickly with the feature of sending information in bulk, the above preeminent feature saves you a lot of time. , effort.
Classifying each customer group is very important, with different groups of customers with different consumer needs. Many customers want direct discounts on service value, some customers want after-sales service, or a buy one gets one free program.

One benefit cannot be ignored, gift cards increase brand awareness, customers will have a better view from promotional activities. Especially if there is a message on the gift card or simply a sincere gratitude coming from you, it is enough to make customers love your store.

+ Manage nail salon services
In each nail salon, there are many different services along with different prices, the customer must choose the desired service to use the service. So taking advantage of owning nail salon service management software helps to bring a lot of benefits
Your nail salon will become more professional when all the services at the store are displayed with beautiful and unique images, informative content makes an impression. The attraction from the beginning increases the decision-making factor, the desire to experience using the service, and with just a few simple steps the customer has a nail appointment.

The advantage of the software is its proactive design. Owners can completely increase sales quickly by showing outstanding service information, this is considered an effective way to manage nail salon services. For example, your shop has a craftsman who is very good at manicuring and this service will be placed at the top position in the top service by most people. Good reviews are more engaging than ever. An element of professionalism in how services are presented in the system.

The standardization feature in the operating process creates professionalism for the business, attracts many potential customers, increases sales sustainably. CEONAIL nail salon management software is the most effective tool to help nail salon owners save a lot of effort and management costs. So nail salon owners business please equip today to create miracles, a breakthrough for your nail salon.

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