How to market nail salons not backward ?

Tracking on the cover or the media, we again encounter one technology, some common objects disappear or be replaced by something else. There are many things that once were indispensable “legends”, everywhere, such as videotapes and video players; the light bulbs with “hair” inside, the remote control will be replaced by commands from gestures or direct voice …

In the field of information storage, the square floppy disk contains very limited files, which have been replaced by CDs and DVDs. Then the CD and DVD itself were abandoned by the compact USB head. And now, USB itself or a mobile hard drive are also becoming obsolete, when it comes to cloud computing, allowing users to upload endless sources of personal data. “All online” is the reality of human life today.

People work online, receive wages online, shop for consumer goods online, make friends online, communicate online … Imagine a day without internet, the whole world will almost be “frozen”. ”.

Công Cụ Marketing Online
Marketing Online

Through the above information, we can draw two things: First, the world changes very fast, the technologies, widgets, or old working methods, if not keeping up with the times, will be wiped out quite well. abruptness. And second, the world lives and works on the internet.

In advertising, marketing we now see the absence of people knocking on the door to talk to the owner about an item or a product. The way to spread leaflets and brochures to find potential customers is also a time-consuming, expensive and inefficient marketing method. Even the illustrious advertising channels for a while like newspaper advertisements, TV advertisements are also clearly losing position. Just ten years ago, out of shopping malls, we could easily see a newspaper, with thick advertising information, now such newspapers have disappeared one after another. The TV programs intermingled with ads now quietly … some old people sitting in front of the machine, the rest are busy “surfing the net” or “hugging” smartphones …

In the opposite direction, Google’s parent company Alphabet, Youtube, has revealed Youtube’s advertising revenue in 2019 to US $ 15 billion. At Facebook, according to popular statistic site Statista, the growth situation is even more “staggering”, having earned approximately US $ 70 billion in just 2019 from advertising. Especially, the advertising revenue of this social network has increased in one direction over the past 10 years, you can refer here. This shows that online advertising, social media advertising is becoming a trend of “crushing all” and will “dominate” for many years to come.

Through the above information, you can clearly see that the advertising of nail salons, marketing for nail salons through the internet, via social networks is extremely necessary and cannot be delayed. Of course, in business, we don’t want to be left behind and get fired, right? So why hesitate any more or contact us immediately. Ceonail!


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