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CEONAIL best solution
to develop and manage your Nail salon business

All-in-one nail salon software for accurate appointment scheduling, effective nail salon management, omnichannel advertising, quick checkout and more!

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CEONAIL scheduling software allows you to do better at every stage of the customer’s journey to the Nails salon

Our nail salon scheduling software helps you delight your customers beyond their in-store experience

Allows customers to easily find and schedule you on popular discovery platforms like google, facebook, instagram

Eliminate the hassle of scheduling problems with 24/7 online nail salon booking system with CEONAIL. Customers can schedule, cancel, reschedule, schedule recurring and group appointments from anywhere.

Send automatic SMS text reminders and email to make sure customers never miss their appointments.

Provide a personalized experience by storing everything about your customers - their color preferences, nail designs they like, their date of birth and nickname!

Fast and centralized payment with integrated invoice printing that automatically fills customer details, service costs, and more. and help you work with more customers.

Automatically request reviews from satisfied customers after an appointment to turn them into brand advocates and get quality referrals to their families, friends, agencies, and communities. .