Digital advice

Support the store to actively 100% promote the quality of 5-star service for customers.

Clients proactively fill out consultation forms is an advantage for the staff that receives all the information needed to prepare for the appointment before they arrive at your salon.

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Send it to any device based on the deadline set

The online contact advice cards connect to your client profile, so you don't have to waste time filling in the information you already have.

If the client is up to date Their contacts in the form, their customer profiles are also updated.

The permanent online advice ticket allows you to get all the general information you need about your client. A customized online consultation slip tells you exactly what your clients need, so you can plan time efficiently for each task for the best results.

Use CEONAIL on your iPad or Android tablet to greet customers with a consultation form tailored to their preferences.

The app aggregates all appointments in Date of consultation request is easy, just click on the name of the customer and the related consultation form will appear.

All questions are guaranteed by us, all risks are solved so you and your staff can confidently perform maximum care for the best customer service.

Consultation forms are adjusted according to the frequency of appearance. The advice card is only displayed to prompt the customer to fill out information when the content really convinces the customer has a high engagement rate.

Export custom customer information so your customers can find out the details your Nail salon holds about them.

Forms also allow you to securely and legally collect marketing advertising consent. Customers sign their forms with an electronic signature.