SMS and Email notifications are fully automated

Active repeated appearances to create a habit of branding your store with customers.

It is true that with CEONAIL can help your nail salon minimize the number of scheduled absences and increase the number of customers who book weekly.

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Use CEONAIL's email and SMS designs or create a new one if you feel more suitable for the store.

Automatically customize messages with customer names, schedule details, staff names, dates, and more.

Keep your clients up to date with their reserved appointments for up to 99% off no shows!

Sometimes being absent is inevitable. We help ensure that your clients never feel too embarrassed to reapply.

Access automatic out-of-office visits, repeat your schedule in the most customer-friendly way.

Manage repeat offenders or multiple absences by telling them to schedule a prepayment with a secured credit card.

Follow up with your customers via text message to ask if they would like to visit their store. Get practical satisfaction feedback on products and services by automatically requesting shop reviews in CEONAIL.

Automatically prompt 5-star reviewers to post their reviews on Google, Yelp or Facebook profiles with just one click, enhancing your store's credibility on the online internet world.

All features of reviews and trust from customers

Carry out more email campaigns. According to many years of experience, CEONAIL recognizes that the SMS opening rate is 75% higher than email and is opened within 4 minutes on average in about 4 days.

Email open rates range from 20 to 30%
Meanwhile, SMS text message marketing has an open rate of 98%
90% of the text is read within three seconds