Salon Loyalty Program

Why is CEONAlL the number one customer care system for nail salons?

Because we created just for you. There are no other loyalty programs guaranteed to increase your maximum profit. Just refer to CEONAlL clients and you will be amazed at the 50% increase in average customer spend and 25% increase in revenue.

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Customers pay for your quality products or services, so don't dump them with discounts and discounts.

CEONAIL's customer loyalty feature will delight your customers and increase sales for your Salon. In fact, CEONAIL software has helped customers increase sales by up to 21% and increase average customer costs by 30%.

Customers who accumulate enough points will be automatically suggested by the software to use points to experience new services when booking online. Staff are suggested new services if guests book a calendar by phone.

Customers forgot their card? It's okay - you can add scores via client's profile. Lost card? Easily convert points to new points.