Employee management solutions and store listing

The workspace
is constantly developing and improving
according to the needs of today’s newest Nail salons.

Team members are effectively managed, have high productivity, and more employees are loved by customers. Smart management process, monthly salary calculation or commission feature all clearly report to employees.

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CEONAIL employee management tools allow you to edit and manage employees' working hours, set workdays and track annual holidays from one easy-to-use interface.

Choose automatic recurring timings to speed up the schedule, or manually change them for more flexibility. Coordinate staff to work at one location or at branches within the Nail shop system.

Keeps track of employee's start time, rest time and end time.

Calculates employee's salary by monthly salary, specified hour or hourly time. work.

Search and select the best employee rating images for the store to post on social media channels right in the CEONAIL app.

Give your employees access to a list of their work history right from their smartphone.
Allows support staff to schedule customer appointments from the phone.

Calculates a different commission for each employee or position, or a different commission for services and products. And more can freely set commission by product line or brand.

We will track employee hours and commissions, calculate payroll weekly or monthly for you.