Branding with Ceonail to create higher profits

You can go to Google, enter the keyword “Supreme Clay Brick Red”, the results of the web pages that appear might surprise you. The Guardian newspaper had to say in an article: A clay brick was sold for $ 1,000 on Ebay! Why is a brick with the same appearance, the same usable function, but sold at such a … crazy price? The answer is that the brick is stamped under the Supreme brand, a famous fashion brand.

Not only in business, the value associated with popularity is also present in many other areas, such as art, culture, sports, tourism … A picture seems … bad, but if it is associated with The name of a famous painter, the value of the painting can be multiplied millions of times. An athlete can also reap huge sponsorship deals, tied to the athlete’s popularity. Or a country, an island, a certain relic … will also attract millions of visitors, associated with the fame of the place.

In many cases, brand equity is even more profitable than the quality of the products they sell. For example, would a Mac Donalds sandwich have a higher nutritional content, or a better taste than a loaf of Vietnamese bread? But the Mac Donalds sandwich is still “more valuable”, thanks to the brand behind it.

Online Brand Marketing Tactics
Online Brand Marketing Tactics

So how to create a brand? Specifically, this is the brand for your nail salon, making it popular, appealing to customers, attracting good workers, even if it is necessary to transfer, the value of the salon is also higher, easy to sell. than?

The first thing you see, hear, and remember about a brand is probably its number in the media. The more it appears, the more it is repeated, the more likely your store name will be known and remembered. To do this, it is nothing more than advertising. Means of displaying advertisements in the past, such as leaflets, newspapers and TV stations, are losing their position to advertise on social networks. So this is a method of advertising that you should look forward to.

Next to the number of repeated occurrences, there is another way to create a brand, which is the way to appear impressively, taking position at first sight. In an age when all information is searched through Google, how can your store name and brand stand high on the search bar? The best solution is still using website and SEO.

Following the number of appearances, occupying a good position when appearing, a very traditional branding method is thanks to the spread of customers who have visited the store. You can retain them, connect regularly with them, ask them to introduce their services to relatives, friends, colleagues … How to implement this process in a simple, most effective way ? New technology will help you, create you a perfect assistant, which is Ceonail management software.

Water is worn and worn, every time it is remembered, every brand needs a process of building and spreading. Until one day, when your nails salon is deeply ingrained in your customers’ memory, you may be able to profit from that.

Let’s build your brand with Ceonail now!

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