Benefits of advertising nail salons through social networks

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According to the US magazine, NAILPRO Magazine, choosing a social network to advertise for nail salons is the best option today. With the following specific advantages:

1. A nail salon’s social network site, if only opened without advertising, will usually only have patrons, or some customers who have been to the salon open and read it, but if this site is advertised extensively on on social networks, there will be many customers who have never read and know more.
2. Post ads on social networks, mainly facebook has cheaper costs in the newspaper. Not only that, ads also appear every day, for weeks, making approaching customers significantly longer.
3. Nail salon owners can actively select customers through the area codes, interests of each customer, so that their salon content, images and ads appear on their facebook.
4. The price of posting ads on facebook starts with only a few dollars, the owner can use this very little cost to try again and again to create the most satisfactory advertising.
5. In addition to facebook, Google is also a very good advertising medium for nail salons. Customers who use Google often search the phrase “Nails Spa near me”, ads will appear on their Google screen.

In addition, NAILPRO Magazine also offers advice after exploration, Facebook or Pinterest to attract mature women; For younger girls, you should use Instagram, or Snapchat.
Ceonail has understood the above advantages, in order to help nail salons reach customers, has launched a nail salon advertising package through social networks, through specific steps:

1. Create and design Fanpage standard (logo / cover).
2. Consulting effective promotion programs.
3. Write attractive posts, standard facebook to run ads.
4. Check and measure advertising effectiveness every day.
5. Advise customers to change the advertising form, if the old way no longer works.

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